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IoT Report: Transforming Smart Grid Devices into Open Application Platforms

Internet of Things, Smart Grid
Author: Mark
Friday, August 1, 2014
5:54 am


In July, 2014, Epri published a technical update to an interesting report, “Transforming Smart Grid Devices into Open Application Platforms,” first published in January, 2013.  The report address the concept of providing a platform for tying together and extracting value from a broad set of intelligent equipment, rather than have applications needing to address each device individually. This way of thinking is certainly right in line with the broad concepts of the Internet of Things:

The state of technology is such that this “platform” way of thinking about things is now practical for a wide range of smart grid equipment, including smart meters, communication head ends or collectors, capacitor and regulator controllers, reclosers, sectionalizers and other smart grid equipment. Distributed resources, like PV smart inverters and energy storage controls, are also good candidates for an open application platform. To be clear, if the utility is the owner and operator of the equipment, then it is for their use that an open app platform would be established. Although it is possible that a utility might launch an app that has customer-facing aspects, the general intention here is making smart grid equipment more flexible for the utility’s use.

The following diagram illustrates the platform concept as it may apply to smart meters:


It is interesting that in this diagram, the focus is on the app in the smart meter, not the apps that are geared toward consumer consumption or analysis of data from many meters.  Ostensibly, the platform could facilitate the development of apps at many different levels.

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